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The 4 in 1 kitchen tool - Snapper

The 4 in 1 kitchen tool - Snapper

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Our snapper makes cooking easier for you!

If you love to cook, but would like tocut your ingredients easier and faster? Then this revolutionary Cook-Master is just what you need! With this 4in1 vegetable slicer you caneasily prepare your food.

Multifunctional powerhouse!

Besides preparing fresh vegetables, you can do much more with the Cook-Master. Make sauces, marinades or even smoothies in no time !

Through the filler hole, you canconveniently add your ingredients to without having to unscrew the cap.

In seconds you have everything nice & evenly cut!

An unbeatable, multifunctional set that you will fall in love with!

When you're done cooking, you can clean your cookware in a snap with the included cleaning brush .

Easy to rinse through!

Simply pour detergent into the fill hole and rinse the Cook-Master under running water!

All attachments are dishwasher safe!

Cook-Master makes cooking easier!

Cook-Master has enough power toshred the meat andcut vegetables It is very convenient and easy to use. You cancut the vegetables directly into the pot, without making mess in your kitchen.

Why the Cook-Master fits into your household?

✅ 4 in 1 multifunctional kitchen appliance

✅ Cuts everything from peppers to cucumbers!

✅ Easy to clean

✅ Rechargeable via USB

Since 2022 one of the best 4in1 vegetable slicer in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Koch-Lee was voted the best multifunctional vegetable slicer after years of testing.
Already more than 300.000 enthusiastic customers use the Koch-Lee daily and are more than convinced!

Koch-Lee is the only original!
Imitations or fakes can not keep up with the quality after own tests.

What are you waiting for?

Get now the Koch-Lee multifunctional vegetable slicer and make your life in the kitchen easy!


Over 300.000 satisfied customers and recommendations

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ou can now solve this problem for you. With the 4 in 1 Kitchen Aid, cutting vegetables into small pieces and much more becomes super easy and takes only a few seconds.

All functions at a glance

✔️Meat grinder

More than just a vegetable slicer

Thanks to the different attachments, the kitchen helper can be used for all chopping tasks. Whether cucumber, garlic or potato everything is chopped in no time. Thanks to the meat grinder, even meat is no problem. With the peeler everything can be peeled super easy and the best is yet to come. With the brush attachment, even the cleaning afterwards is super easy and efficient.

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