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LintBall - Lint roller in ball shape | Washable | Reusable

LintBall - Lint roller in ball shape | Washable | Reusable

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This lint roller in the ball shape is almost perfect for everyone.

Due to the size and shape it is perfect to take along. Be it for example for the handbag or for the glove compartment in the car.

Do also the environment what good! It is washable and reusable. Do so without the old-fashioned lint rollers that cause waste with each use.

- Perfect size (6,8cm) to carry with you

- Washable, for cleaning simply hold and lukewarm water

- Environmentally friendly! After one wash it is reusable

- Also suitable for household use

- Modern colors

Product Information:

Material: ABS plastic, polyurethane

Size: about 68mm

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