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FireWand - The first Harry Potter wand that shoots fire! 💥

FireWand - The first Harry Potter wand that shoots fire! 💥

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Impress all your Muggle and non-Muggle friends by showing off your wizarding skills, or get the perfect gift 🎁 for a pureblood Harry Potter fan with the first (and only) wand that can shoot real fireballs 💥.
Wand from the Harry Potter movie series. Cast the spells while pressing the button on the outside and it shoots little fireballs.

Includes wand + magical lightning paper.

The flash paper fires up to 200 shots

The fireball flies up to 5-12 meters. The bigger the paper balls, the farther the fireballs fly.

Suitable for cosplays and magic tricks.

Includes a USB charger.

Not suitable for children.

FireWand - HarryPotter

Exquisite workmanship, solid materials, the main body has a built-in hollow steel tube, which makes the wand sturdy and durable, and also the wand feels heavy when it is taken away, and it will not float like a plastic toy.
Product Information

Note: Watch the video tutorial first and then operate it. Do not point the tube opening at people or flammable objects, and do not look directly into the tube.... Turn off the switch before inserting the consumable, turn off the switch after use, and do not leave consumable in the tube when not in use. Do not strike the rod.

Size information:
Product specifications: about gift box 15.2*7.5*3.5cm gross weight 300g packed weight 428g full box 50 pieces 43*40*40cm,

Packing list:
Magic wand*1,
Smart USB charging cable*1,
accessories bag*1,
magic board*1,
gift box*1,
magic wand protective bag*1,
gift box protective bag*1

Not suitable for children - we assume no liability. Use at your own risk.

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