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Color Changing Beach Shorts | Magic Swimming Trunks

Color Changing Beach Shorts | Magic Swimming Trunks

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With this beach shorts you will be the star at the beach and pool!

Imagine you jump in the pool and your swim shorts drastically change color from yellow to orange, whose attention will not attract you?


  • Color changing swim shorts: The color can be changed when the shorts are attached to the water or the temperature changes. Provides a neat "WOWâ€?effect. Surprise your friends with the color switch.
  • Comfortable and fashionable: The beach shorts are made of high quality material, which is breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. The solid fabrics and lining make it durable without fading or showing through. An essential item for a hot summer day, comfortable and stylish.
  • Quick to dry: The special material allows these pants to dry quickly and return to the original color in a short time. You can play the color change trick again and again.
  • Widely used: Good for beach volleyball, surfing, running, ball sports, home, etc. This beach shorts for men is a good choice for any occasion. A great gift for yourself or a special person.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: As shown in the size chart
  • Color: Yellow to orange, green to blue, blue to purple, pink to purple, grid yellow-orange, grid green, grid blue-purple.

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  • 1 x Color Changing Beach Shorts

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