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DisplayWisch | The cleaning tool for all your displays! 📱

DisplayWisch | The cleaning tool for all your displays! 📱

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📱 No more oily fingerprints on your phone!

📱 Are you annoyed by a greasy and oily screen with fingerprints? Are you disgusted only thinking about it?

📱 The DisplayWipe from RockYourTrade will help you fight your habits. With its multifunctional Spray- und microfiber wiping combination you can wipe the grease off!

📱 Your screen is dirtier than you think!

Your cell phone is 10x dirtier than most toilet seats. Cell phones belong to the dirtiest objects, with which we daily get in touch with. Hold you your screens clean through simple and regular practice every day!! Thanks to the DisplayWipe from RockYourTrade you can easily clean any screen you want to.

  • 📱 Now just clean the tool and put it back into the transparent case.

📱 Always remember

Everyone remembers to wash his hands several times a day. But many forget their phone screen. The reason your phone is full of germs is because it you touch it many times during the entire day. The warm environment allows bacteria to easily grow and increase the risk of infection. Change your habits today with our beloved screen cleaner.

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